Outfit Composition

April (snow) showers have brought bouquets of ethical “flowers” to This Beautiful Dust!


Over the weekend we held our Spring 2018 fashion event. It was an evening complete with a runway show, an interactive “create an outfit” game and all the light and laughter that a gathering of friends can bring. 



The game was a particularly fun and thought provoking exercise in creating unique looks with varied pieces from our boutique. The ensembles were then judged by the party-goers.

Here are some examples of what our ethical fashionistas came up with:


Though the game has been played and won


 Winner of the styling contest 

Winner of the styling contest 


You can “play” your own round of EOOTD (Ethical Outfit of the Day) anytime you visit our shop!


Whether you feel like you can walk into any day with a put-together look, or like you pick up two pieces of clothing and think “These *might* go well enough??” — you’ll leave our boutique feeling ecstatically successful. 



Between the notes to follow, and the discerning eye and styling expertise of TBD owner Linda, you’ll dig you hands into our tops, denim, outerwear and accessories and come out looking flawless. 


Tips on Putting an Outfit Together:



*Keep your look cohesive. 

Mix up textures and colors, but don’t go overboard warns Linda. Pairing too many things can muddy your look and the details will get lost. 

Staying in the same color family is safe, but not necessarily a rule especially when creating a color block effect. 


*Keep one item as “the star” of the look, let the rest be complementary. 

Linda says your outfit should have a leading role and a supporting cast. She advises to pick one thing, such as a pair of sequined flats, and build from there with simple, casual items. 

 Linda's sequin slipper shoes mixed with denim pants and a linen coat

Linda's sequin slipper shoes mixed with denim pants and a linen coat

To illustrate, Linda would start with her sequined flats and add casual jeans, a white slub tee and a soft cardigan. She says it’s perfectly okay to accessorize further, but only with one or two pieces, so long as they didn’t compete with the shoes. For her sequins, she would add a pair of tassel earrings from Flaca. Their sleek, silk tassels would compliment but not outshine the shoes.


For mixing materials, be aware of the season or occasion. 

As the weather is still playing tricks on us, pairing a soft luxe, long, cashmere cardigan with cropped pants or lighter prints might work better than with something like a summery, fringe Kopal crop top. The latter may not give you that pulled together look because the pieces would compete for attention.


Linda promises that you will be able to achieve the look that’s right for you. She believes that some style "rules" can be broken to achieve your own personal style, and offers these basic guidelines to set you on the right path to a cohesive look.

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