Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening…

Here at Salt and Light Bistro, we love a good cup of coffee. Starting at 6AM, we’ve got a flavorful fix to get your day going. Drip coffees to take on the road. Cappuccinos or French press-style to sip and savor in one of our plush, comfy chairs. Double espressos to follow up that amazing lunch and to keep your afternoon going strong. 



The brew as we know it gained its footing as a palatial beverage in the 16th Century Ottoman Empire. Every day folk were introduced to coffee in social gathering spots where literature and discussion reigned: the coffeehouse. Sound a bit familiar?


When you’re in our house of light, you can guarantee you’re getting served some premium beans. 


And Spoiler Alert: Coffee beans are not in the legume family. 

They are, in fact, the seeds from the fruit of the Coffee Plant.

Our seeds have been thoughtfully chosen and roasted by highly trained and discerning individuals at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company. 


DOMA, located in Post Falls, Idaho has been the sole roaster for S&L. Owners Linda and Josiah were on a Christmas vacation in Cali when they first experienced the magic of DOMA beans. 

The scene: a cherished family gathering. Enter: Noah, brother of Josiah, employee at DOMA, with not just mistletoe and holly, but samples of DOMA beans!


“It was the best coffee we had ever tasted,” Linda remembers. She and Josiah were emphatically sure that DOMA would be the roaster for their future bistro endeavors. 

The family connection strongly supported this choice but the draw went further than that. 

DOMA is a certified organic and Fair Trade brand. Founded in 2000, they are already known for the quality of their artisanal, small batch roasts and blends,  their grasp of the science of making an incredible cup of coffee. 


DOMA buys coffee direct; in other words, they do a lot of traveling. 


“We … visit the farms that grow our coffee, working with producers to help increase their quality and yields. This ensures that they can produce the best coffee possible and get paid fairly for it.”


This allows DOMA to pass along information to consumers: important insights into where a particular bean was grown, the soil and climate conditions, and to “put a face to the name.” DOMA sends out photos and stories of their farming partners, bridging the gap between producer and consumer.

Currently at S&L, our single roast offering is from Sumatra, provided by the the Permata Gayo Co-op in the Aceh Province. The DOMA specialists create a uniquely flavored bean through a combination of natural processes. The outcome is a cup of coffee that is nuanced; not too acidic and full of flavors reminiscent of wine and earth, with a subtly sweet finish. 



The desire to create quality product while remaining conscious of the health of the community unite DOMA and S&L. Sustainability and ethical practices are in the forefront of both business missions. 

DOMA employs an energy-saving Loring Smart Roast in their production facility and since 2016, all coffee bags are made of Biotre Film. This means more than half of every bag is made of renewable (and also biodegradable) wood pulp. They are constantly making strides to reduce their carbon footprint, to be faithful stewards to the earth that supports their endeavors, and our caffeine habits. 


In two years, our staff has no shortage of good things to say about the partnership with DOMA. It is a joy and a blessing to work with a company that has open communication, sincere care for the environment and the ability to form lasting relationships. 



S&L daily brews include a single origin medium roast coffee as well as a water-processed dark roast decaf and a dark roast blend. We also offer a medium-heavy roast espresso and stock a variety of 12oz retail bags of DOMA beans. 

Weekly shipments of whole bean coffee ensures that we are brewing the freshest cup for you!


Some of our favorite coffees:


BRAZIL, Carmo de Minas (Josiah’s fave!)

Medium roast level

Flavor Profile: candied lemon, cashew, molasses

Mild acidity, balanced sweetness. This bean is versatile and can be brewed as an espresso, drip coffee, and with several other manual brewing devices 



espresso, blend: Countries of Origin: Brazil / Ethiopia / Guatemala

Medium roast level 

Favor Profile: nougat, molasses, honey

Mild acidity, full body and pronounced sweetness serve up a wonderful espresso, cappuccino or latte. DOMA is on a mission to provide S&L’s baristas with the building blocks to create the illusive ‘god shot’



MARCO'S (Linda’s fave!)

organic blend: Countries of Origin: Guatemala / Honduras / Peru

Dark roast level 

Flavor Profile : brown sugar, chocolate, cedar

A crowd favorite at S&L. Balanced yet bold, never biting or sharp. 




organic blend: Countries of origin: Guatemala / Honduras / Peru

Darkest Roast Level

Flavor Profile: dried fruit, dark chocolate, clove

Potential new Favorite Alert!

Smooth and full of body, and a light sweetness. For the days where you need a little bit of Super in your life. 







DOMA coffee tips:

 1:16 Coffee Brew Ratio which means for every 1 part of coffee there’s 16 parts of water, e.g., 40 grams to 640 grams or 2 tablespoons to 6 fluid ounces.


Brew with filtered or bottled water that’s 208°F to 205°F for light to medium roasted coffees and 200°F to 195°F for darker roasted coffees.


Store your coffee in a room temperature environment away from any source of light and be sure to use your coffee within two weeks of its roast date. 







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