A Wee Bit O' Green

It’s Saturday again, and even with all the snow on the ground, the Salt and Light Bistro crew has a few thoughts on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


Lore and traditions abound on March 17th.


St. Patrick may or may not have driven the snakes from the Emerald Isle.

He might not even have been of Irish descent. All this aside, we celebrate his life with merriment, good food, and all things GREEN. (To keep the leprechaun’s at bay.)


First up, on the drink menu, we have Sweet Matcha from our one and only, Rishi Tea.



We carry a range of Rishi’s organic and fair trade teas but that Sweet Matcha has proven to be a crowd favorite, especially with our local student population.


Matcha is a green tea, stone-ground to a fine powder. The practice of its unique preparation has been around since the 11th century.



Today, Rishi provides a special blend of authentic Matcha from the Mount Fuji region of Japan, mixed with organic cane sugar.


At S&L, we serve Sweet Matcha as hot and iced lattes (both dairy and non-dairy.)






Our baristas are huge fans of iced soy matchas, and we have a regular who can never leave without a pair of matchas to share wth her son!





We also serve it as an earthy, refreshing iced delight with our homemade lemonade.






Just the right amount of sweet and tart combine with the rich, creamy flavor of the matcha to energize your day.




High in both amino acids and antioxidants, matcha is a great choice to help recover from an intense workout - or to get ready for finals week.  




On to green foods…



And though you’re maybe expecting cabbage, we have something a little different here at S&L.



Our favorite green dishes include crisp, peppery arugula, creamy avocado and a the mighty Chimichurri sauce.



Chimichurri is a condiment that hails from Argentina.




In our dishes, the housemade chimi feels light and fresh but packs a big flavor punch.


If you’ve encountered chimi before, it’s most likely been spooned over grilled steak or chicken.

Our executive chef Josiah tends to pair it with other sauces to enhance the flavors, such as chipotle hot sauce for our quesadillas or avocado toast.  

You’ll also experience it swirled with an aged balsamic reduction for our open-faced BLT.





And now, a special insight: the recipe for our housemade Chimichurri sauce!






1/2 CUP lightly packed flat leaf parsley leaves

1/2 CUP lightly packed cilantro leaves

2 TBSP red wine vinegar

1/4 CUP lemon juice

1/2 TSP red chili flakes

1 TSP kosher salt

1/2 TSP cracked black pepper

5 cloves roasted garlic

1-1.5 CUPS olive oil (depending on desired consistency and application)


Directions for a pureed sauce: (Any blender will work, but an immersion blender is nice and quick according to Josiah)



-In the blender, pulse the herbs and garlic until well chopped.  


-Add all other ingredients but oil and blend on medium speed. 

-With motor running, slowly add oil until fully combined.



This sauce will keep for up to two days in an air tight container but is best when used right away.



When you try this at home, don’t forget to Instagram your handiwork and don’t forget to tag us! We’d love to see!




Come on by for these green treats today, and any day.




Wear green. Or black. Or plaid. Or every color in the rainbow. S&L is a Pinch-free Zone.


And keep an eye out, more of our house recipes will be shared here on the blog!