Post NYC Trip

Back from a hectic but successful fashion trade show weekend in NYC, This Beautiful Dust’s Linda shared lots of exciting news for the upcoming seasons.


“We will be introducing Alchemilla, Baldwin, Porcelain and Stone and Furo,” Linda said with much enthusiasm.


Jen Lorang leads a small team of highly talented individuals in Oakland, California to create art and enact social change under the name Alchemilla. 


Self-taught and self-funded, Lorang is dedicated to ending oppression and shares her visions of love and positivity with hand-made limited run pieces.

Linda and Lorang bonded quickly over the boutiques theme of “beautiful things out of dust.”


“She [Lorang] is very conscious of the idea that everything goes back to creating beauty from what is found around us to minimize waste,” said Linda.


Drawn to her kindness, knowledge and passion for her work, Linda signed on with Lorang’s team that makes use of vintage, dead stock and repurposed materials in order to avoid adding to the burden on the earth and its citizens. They condemn the use of child labor and never purchase stones produced by harmful mining practices.

The thoughtful and whimsical creations come to life by a variety of techniques including by not limited to hand-cut and forged brass, handwoven African or Japanese beads and vintage French sequins and wax casting process.


Baldwin, led by former boutique owner Matt Baldwin, began with the desire to reinvigorate the denim scene with elevated and modern shapes while showing reverence to its American heritage.


Since 2009, the Midwestern designer has combined quality craftsmanship with classic American casual and work wear design. Matt Baldwin’s pieces defy here-today-gone-tomorrow trends with quality raw materials and expert stitching.


 Outside Baldwin's NYC location 

Outside Baldwin's NYC location 


“I have met the pioneers before me in this industry, and I have gained a new outlook on the future of fashion and retail in the U.S.,” Baldwin said.


“We were so excited to be able to sign on with them for as soon as Spring!” exclaimed Linda.

After personally owning a few Baldwin pieces for a few months, they are now some of her favorites to wear. Linda immediately appreciated Baldwin for being a super family oriented company, as well as their thoughtfulness and care for quality and design.

Three of Linda's favorite owned pieces of Baldwin denim.   

photos from @baldwin


Touted as one of the four best new menswear designers by GQ Magazine in 2013, the label created an exclusive 12-piece collection that was sold globally by GAP.



The much-loved work of Annie Bukhman will return to TBD as well!



Bukhman’s motto is Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop with Purpose.


Her pieces are created from materials sourced and purchased from US vendors.  

The Massachusetts native studied Graphic Design and Art History, worked in New York City’s fashion industry and currently runs a studio in Brooklyn. Her creations include handbags, wallets and hair ties of fine leather. These items are highly functional, are promised to last a lifetime and make perfect gifts.

Linda is ecstatic to also bring back new pieces from Emerson Fry, Kopal and Flaca.


Among the new Emerson Fry items will be toddler and kid sizes of  "mommy and me" caftans. The signature piece in organic cotton from the adult line is recreated in smaller sizes for the stylish little people in your life.


 Emerson and her twins  (picture from @emerson_fry)

Emerson and her twins  (picture from @emerson_fry)



Kopal saw our Instagram of her yellow crop top and was inspired to create it in three more colors which Linda snatched for TBD. These will be available in the Spring and Summer and in addition to that, TBD will have three new Fall dresses and handmade bags from Kopal.  




Linda and Anna spent a lot of time in the company of Amy from Flaca, catching up and enjoying her company.


“We will be bringing in extremely vibrant colors from her new collection,” promised Linda.

A favorite with the staff at TBD/Salt and Light, there will be some extravagant pieces that will be easy to pair with casual and dressed up outfits alike. 




The boutique will also have new items from Bloom and Give and Father’s Daughter!


TBD will hold its Spring Fashion Event on the evening of April 7th - stay tuned on social media for all the updates!