New York Buying Trip


Picture this: a glossy magazine, filled with gloriously coifed models dressed to the nines…You flip page by page, and everywhere,  a riot of color, a whirlwind of pattern and texture, and design cuts that make every day actions such as tying one’s shoes or wiping one’s nose (or the nose of their toddler) all but impossible.

The world of “fashion” can seem daunting, confusing and uncomfortable.

Not so!

We have heroes like This Beautiful Dust’s Linda to help us navigate those ready-to-wear racks.


This weekend Linda is headed to bright and bold New York City : her mission, to scour the fashion trade shows for ethical brands to bring back to our neck of the woods. With the help of fellow eco-fashion enthusiast and lead barista Anna, she will scan the runways and showrooms of NYC’s Garment District for the latest trends by highly revered designers.



The two main events will be Coterie and Capsule.


Each is a collection of designers from around the globe, and serves to connect the freshest fashion ideas with established retailers. This year, both are touted to have “cool and unique looks” of the highest quality production by both renowned and up-and-coming designers. 


Capsule will feature brands on Linda’s radar such as Furo, Kopal and Flaca. At Coterie the TBD ladies will be meeting with Father’s Daughter and Emerson Fry as well as some potential new brand additions. The whirlwind weekend is full of work but also, inspiration and memorable moments.



“We always hang out at Flaca's booth when we go to NY. Amy is a ton a fun and we spend a good amount of time just catching up with her,” says Linda.


For two days, Linda and Anna will be meeting with ethical designers both familiar and new. Linda can barely contain her excitement over how ethical fashion seems to be a trend that is constantly catching momentum.


Both days will showcase a number of designers in the realm of handmade garments. She is preparing by doing extensive research into each brand’s practices to determine where her focus should be.

The scope of the show can only be described by the fact that a map is required to navigate the weekend’s events!




“I am most excited about being among extremely creative minds. There's so much hope, possibility, and boldness,” declared Linda.

The fashion as well as the locals provide inspiration. A self-declared people watcher, Linda spoke of admiration for the way of life in the city: the bustle in the streets, the character each person brings to the sidewalk, the coffee shops, the boutiques.

“I try to soak up all that energy and bring it back home to Groton,” she said.




She will return with offerings to fit the Groton-lifestyle: hard working families with busy schedules set against a traditional country backdrop. Ease and function as well as quality are important in this market.

TBD addresses the need to provide clothing options that represent care for the Self as well as care for the Community of artisans and the environment.

Her boutique will continue to provide education on the impact of fast fashion on our society and how each person in their own way can begin to enact positive change.