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—  Coffee / tea —

Using DOMA's Fair Trade Organic Coffee and Rishi Loose Leaf Teas

Please ask our barista about coffee/tea pairings


Hot or Iced Hand Crafted Beverages

—  Espresso  —

using Doma's Vito's or make it decaf with Jackie Oh!

—  Cappuccino  —
ESPRESSO with steamed milk and foam

—  Macchiato  —
short shot OF ESPRESSO with a touch of steamed milk foam

—  Americano  —
Espresso with hot water


Espresso or Tea with steamed milk

(Regular, Mocha, Matcha, chai)


—  Hot Chocolate

Homemade imported belgiAN chocolate ganache with steamed milk


—  Teas

Black, green, herbal (HOt)

Black, Green citrus, tropical mango (Iced)


—  Lemonade

Housemade Lemonade

MAtcha lemonade